How to match sofas with recliners and futons

The concept of matching furniture has for long been in trend. At Opus lifestyle, a leading furniture store in Bangalore, we have seen several clients be confused about colors and matching furniture to walls, curtains or other pieces of furniture. We hope to reduce this confusion a bit by providing few tips that can help you choose the right fabrics and colors for drawing room furniture.

Opus lifestyle, a leading designer and manufacturer of sofas and recliners has carefully studied what customers look at while trying to match furniture. Firstly recliners can be bought either in the very same color as other pieces of furniture or in a completely contrasting color. It is important that the colors of the furniture pieces do not clash, but instead complement each other. A bright colored or printed fabric on futons and recliners along with neutral or light color sofa set can give a unique feel to the drawing space. It can brighten up the setting and curtains can then be matched to the colors that are predominant in the recliner or futons.

Another important trend in interior designing of sitting areas and drawing rooms includes using exactly same fabrics for futons or pouffes and curtains.  This not only helps match furniture and curtains very well but also helps bring in synchronization and avoid color clashing of any kind. In case of wall papers or bright colors being used to highlight any particular wall in a seating area, it is an added advantage as the same print or color fabric can be used on recliners, futons or pouffes. The mixing and matching of sofas and fabrics of other drawing room accessories can bring in a dramatic effect to the drawing room sitting.. Not just this, but it also brings in a modern touch to the same furniture. At Opus lifestyle we present furniture with fabrics of different colors and prints. Several unique pieces which have been displayed at Opus Lifestyle, Bangalore can help add in magic to your drawing rooms.