A convertible drawing room

A drawing room during the day and a bedroom during the night – doesn’t this sound like great utilization of a small home. Converting the drawing room into a bedroom is not difficult. Opus Lifestyle provides several sofa cum beds which help make a space clutter free and spacious during the day. Easy conversion to beds makes these sofas cum beds from Opus Lifestyle a convenient option and a must buy. At Opus Lifestyle we offer various exchange offers to customers on cots and beds. Get the right cot and get the right sleep at a reasonable price. Opus Lifestyle provides several sofa cum bed options which can help you save a lot of space.
A kids’ room or an extra guest room can easily be fit right into your drawing room. At Opus Lifestyle we offer several unique options and designs which can help you utilize limited spaces to the maximum potential. Not just this, but the same designs can be used in a guest room and an additional sitting can be created. These options along with your imagination can make your home a beautiful place to live in. It provides several options to choose from ranging from simple basic models to elegant breath taking designs.
A convertible drawing room can be made use of not just to lounge and binge on movies but also as an extra space for guests. It can make a great sitting area during the day without having to compromise on sleep by sleeping on the couch. The easily convertible sofa cum bed offered by Opus Lifestyle provides a convenient space saving option. With more than 50 designs in sofa cum bed, Opus lifestyle offers sofa cum beds that would suit your needs. It helps build a cozy corner in your home where you could choose to watch TV, read, meet people or even sleep. The comfort provided by sofa cum beds from Opus Lifestyle seconds to none.
Renovation of homes or designing of homes is quite incomplete without bringing in the right furniture. Walk into our store in Bangalore and get various cot options that can help you get the right look and comfort from Opus lifestyle, a leading cot designing and selling company.