Combining study and dining spaces in smaller homes

Opus Lifestyle offers a range of foldable dining tables which can help you combine a dining space with a study and use the same table and set up for dual purposes.. Opus Lifestyle provides a range of products for smaller homes which can help save a lot of space and use the space up effectively. With lot of options in compact furniture, foldable furniture, sofa cum beds, folding and extendable dining tables, wall mount tables and closets from Opus Lifestyle you can build a comfortable and easy to maintain homes and interiors.

Combining a study and dining space can offer cozy work spaces and dining areas even in a smaller house with just one area dedicated to both of these. We also have storage units that can be used for dual purposes and can help you build a work space around your dining area. These elements are an ideal part of Opus lifestyle furniture and can help you do the interiors of the home in a strong and effective manner. Assistance from our experts would help you add comfort, beauty and utility to your home.

Opus lifestyle provides a wide range of options specially crafted for modern dining spaces and for families of today. Circular dining tables, oval shaped dining tables, rectangular and square options, triangular tables, and many more options are available in Opus Lifestyle showroom in Bangalore with foldable options, movable options and readjusting the layout option. This can help you craft a space with efficiency and utilization of its full potential.

A matching cabinet set, crockery display unit, bar unit or other furnishings might take away a lot of space in the dining area. Using chairs or seating units with storage options can help you store away a lot of papers and study material without having to disturb the dining storage or the cutlery unit. These multiple storage options can help you build a clutter free home which will add to the look and glamour of the space along with saving space and helping you reuse the same place in different ways.