Choosing cots and sofa cum beds

Sleep is a very important element of our lives. A good cot is an essential to good sleep. It is important for cots to be designed and made of an appropriate standard size so that a mattress fits snugly into it and provide you with comfort. The right size and design of a bed is as important as its aesthetic elements. Opus Lifestyle sells some of the highest quality beds in Bangalore with appropriate comfort and standard sizing. Our range of products includes beds in different material, textures and colors. Wooden cots, metal cots, bunker beds, single beds, double beds, queen size and king size beds have all been designed to ensure maximum comfort to its users.

Renovation of homes or designing of homes is quite incomplete without bringing in the right furniture. At Opus Lifestyle we offer various exchange offers to customers on cots and beds. Get the right cot and get the right sleep at a reasonable price. Walk into our store in Bangalore and get various cot options that can help you get the right look and comfort from Opus lifestyle, a leading cot designing and selling company. Our beds have been designed based on Indian measurements and standard which include queen size and king size beds.

One very interesting bedding option is the sofa cum bed. It helps save a lot of space. An extra bedroom can be used as a sitting during the day and as a bedroom during the night. Using a sofa cum bed can bring in a fresh look to a guest room or a spare bedroom. Buying the right sofa cum bed is quite a challenge. Walk into our popular stores in Bangalore and we shall assist you find extremely comfortable sofa cum beds at economical rates. This will help you save a lot of space and get comfort at the same time. We also house a variety of options for children. Bunker beds, beds with cartoon characters, car and doll house modeled beds are some of them. They for sure make sleeping fun and comfortable for your children.